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The StradaSolution Technology® is a modern way of building road using a sustainable constructive approach with our cutting edge Nano technology solution with great respect of the environment.

Our technology is based on the result of 20 years of reseach and developpement in the soil stabilization industry.


This solution is a liquid that functions as an ion exchanger. The effect is, that when applied properly and in concordance with the design specifications, the subbase achieves a better compaction leading to higher density and strength than usually possible. It will causes irreversible agglomeration of fine particles in the soil and a partial charge reversal, so that higher densities and a strong reduction of swelling and shrinking capacity is possible.

Our technology can be used everywhere!

Applications of our product provide frost and high impact resistant performance for any kind of sub bases within a short time period. Through this process, road builders have the ideal base to use any asphalt or concrete topping surface. (please consult ”Areas of applications”)


The Benefits of our technology

In comparaison of conventional way of buiding road:

Our technology replaces aggregate and has re-innovated the old fashioned way of building roads and pavements. It uses native soil and enables the construction of roads within a few days reflecting in a significant saving in material, machinery and labour and enables a faster and modified work schedule.

  • Up to 50% time savings for construction
  • Savings of up to 50% on materials
  • Up to 50% less transportation required because we use the native soil that is locally available (for transporting materials)
  • No need for subsequent repair work
  • Roads built using our technology have more than twice the load bearing capacity of what required for conventional roads,
  • savings  up to 50% on cover strength for sub-soils treated.
  • Our technology creates solid base that is far stronger, more resilient than the traditional stone filed bases and become firmer  year after year.
  • The roads that we build cannot be destroyed by water or frost.
  • The StradaSolution Technology is environmentally friendly – it does not impact ground water or the environment.

Road construction is now quicker, cheaper and environmentally friendly

Areas of applications

The main areas of applications are:

  • Civil engineering / road construction
  • Streets, sidewalks,
  • Agricultural roads,
  • Forestry roads
  • Dirt roads,
  • Camping-sites,
  • Sport-courts,
  • Parking lots,

  • Storage and industrial places
  • Industrial parking and
  • roads for heavy trucks,
  • Private airports,
  • Basement for halls,
  • All sorts of applications needed by refineries
  • Landfill sites

  • Agricultural forestry and winegrowing
  • Forest and hiking paths,
  • Agricultural areas and lanes

In addition, our technology may be used to quarry and gravel pit companies to improve the quality relating material.

Using our technology  in the process of fabricating the high cohesive material, this product will be even more frost resistant and of higher quality.


Environmentally friendly

Simplicity and speed of application


Water impermeability


 Where are the differences?

Everyone who is professionally engaged in road works knows the significant associated costs to build roads. On one hand the roads are supposed to be built fast and on the other they have to meet a lot of requirements…And the costs are pretty expensive! And that’s not only related to construction requirements but also meet maintenance requirement. How will the condition of the road be after 1, 5 or 10 years..? For many non-asphalt roads, rain and frost are also causing problems. The roads will thereby either be flushed out or eroded or damaged by frost. So an alternative is in great demand in the industry. We build the solution!

FIRST OF ALL, we use locally available soil, thus saving on transport of soil and shortening the time needed to construct roads. Excavation of the road is not necessary. We save on TIME, NO EXCAVATION is needed, and NO upper uncombined BASE LAYER is needed so we save up to 50% on the wearing layer.


Strada Solution Road Innovations® construction method is simple and fast. A lot of steps are not needed when using our technology but they are with regular road construction.

Just have a closer look at the entire procedure by means of the subsequently represented comparison! In this case it’s concerning an asphalt road.

Suppose a road having a width of 7 m requiring excavation of 300 mm deep -if the road is 10 km long –the excavation requirements will be approximately 21.000 m3 of fill. If we presume that the specific weight of the dredged fill is 1,8 (lower limit) this will result in approximately 37.000 tons of material! A skip like the mapped “CAT” is providing a payload of 25 tons. So even if you dispose of that big heavy duty truck, there would be 1.500 loads necessary just for the disposal! And of course you will need the same number of loads for delivering gravel and other material to the road work location as well. Also we have to deposit the excavated fill! That means over 3.000 loads!

Thus a enormous effort which is for the most part not required if you use the StradaSolution Technology since you may work with the local existent soil. This very fact results in a huge saving! Not only costs but also time. Not to speak about environmental conservation.

Conventional System

StradaSolution® System


On conventional road works the existant ground will be removed and trucked away. That means a big effort on work, material and time.
Approximately 5,000 trucks loads have to be dredged, loaded and carried away.


strada-remove-soilNo excavation required with StradaSolution® system

As with the StradaSolution® system the available ground may be utilized so there is no excavation required.
This work step is omitted completely. That’s one part of the big savings.

After the conventional excavation has been completed, a thick aggregate fill material will be placed. The required material is not
only expensive but also needs to be transported to the site


Using StradaSolution® System the existent ground gets pulverized by a special machine and at the same time mixed
with the StradaSolution® system and in some cases other materials. All in one single and time/cost saving step!

This working stage is the same for both systems.




With this system comparison we proved the benefits of StradaSolution® system compared to conventional roadwork’s.
With StradaSolution® System, roads are able to be built faster and easier.
You will save costs, time and save environmental resources!!

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